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The Pind Collective : Looking Back

About a month ago, we launched The Pind Collective, a project built over many months, much agonizing and endless Skype conversations. We began with great hope but limited expectations - we were proud of our project but we were not sure how well it would be received. Several weeks and ten carefully curated pieces later, the response to the collective has been overwhelming. Today, we have a community over five hundred strong and our posts have reached close to seventy thousand people. We've received enquiries from all over, comments and notes of appreciation, and an endless amount of support.

So, thank you. For taking a small but ambitious project and allowing it to grow until it reaches out to, and speaks to, so many. We are now heading into the second phase of this edition and hope to return next year with ten more pieces, built in collaboration, by all our wonderful artists. This is a conversation worth having and an exchange worth keeping alive.

Until then <3

Ansh and Avani

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