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A Poem For Sabeen

Home, for me, is people, spaces, and the habits we are engulfed in.

Sabeen Mahmud was such an integral part of our ‘home’ here in Karachi, either as a personal friend or via the space she created, The Second Floor (T2F). I have literally lived at T2F for years, writing in isolation, with the space as my only witness.

Sabeen’s efforts help make this city feel more like home; a kind of home where you feel you are growing, sharing, contributing. Where you are excited to see what events/reading/performances/bazaars are happening this week. That’s all you need sometimes – a space to breathe!

This ‘Movement Poem’ is a tribute to the wonderful Sabeen Mahmud, who died too young, but wow, that woman really lived! It is an ode to her spirit, and a reminder to be fearless.

This piece is a collaboration between Tazeen Bari, Sapna Pandya & myself.

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