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The Journey From Resistance To Rebellion

My art piece is based on a writing by Todd Brison;

“You will never stop.

Even if they leave you will not stop.

You will write to no one.

You will sing to empty chairs.

You will paint for the stars.

You will speak into silence.”

Resistance, a word so utterly simple yet so strong. What does it mean? Does it mean nothing or does it mean everything? The truth is, it means you. You, yourself and only you. I feel the air of this world, the current of emotions, mine and theirs. I see the clock ticking, and the seconds rushing, rushing into minutes. I feel my sweat and I feel the fear. The wisp of my hair standing and the Goosebumps forming. I form the words, the anger and the feelings almost on the tip of my tongue. And as I look into their eyes, I swallow my sentiments and look away. And then, I understand. I understand the word. I understand Resistance.

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