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Please Shut Up

From Sneha in Mumbai:

Main yeh sab har roz sabko bolu - haaye kya sapna hai waise yeh kai logon ka sapna hai par sab bataane se darte hai by god mujhe bhi kaafi time lag gaya to say it out loud.

Lack of self esteem and lack of confidence … hese problems are some of the most underrated ones that people deal with. we don't address it, talk about it or even take it as seriously as we should - majaak majaak mein gaadi nikal jaati hai. The thing is - most don't even realise that they struggle with it because they're too busy finding a way to cover it up. We’re so surrounded with people and things to compare ourselves to that we get scared to stand up for ourselves and say shit like it is. To you, you’re not alone. Have a good day, a good week, a good month, a good life.

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