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Kitni? Kyun?

Kitni door?

The zine is an exploration, a compilation based on the experiences we exchanged and built our relationship upon. It is reflective of our conversations and fragments of our lives that led to unpacking our shared history. It is a weave we created, a narrative we stitched that celebrates what’s yours and mine.


The first zine of the #kitnidoor series is @hirasool and @seemaaa_s

“Kitni Door?”. This zine is as much a shared work as it is a document of a relationship as it slowly unfolds – one teaching the other how to thread a shalwar, the other teaching the first how to drape a sari, both sitting down for a shared family meal. It has been a privilege to watch them work – across borders and time zones – an example of how much beauty there is between us and how much of it is ours to recover.


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