First Day After Partition is an upcoming series that attempts to document oral histories from the first moments in the lives of two nations. The first photograph taken, the first meal eaten, the first home found, the first friend made.


We are accepting submissions from survivors of Partition, on both sides of the border, to help build this archive of firsts. We ask for your stories, or those of the people you love, in service of the memories we are quickly losing. As a generation at the cusp of remembrance and forgetting, we hope to hear of the lives of those who came before us and, in turn, know our own more fully. 

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We're constantly looking for new voices to come on board.

Our goals are simple - we are committed to quality, experimentation and engagement; we like art that takes risks and the people who make it. We’re looking for artists from across the spectrum – from poets to filmmakers and the wonderful creatures that live in the in-between spaces.

So if you would like to meet people who have something to say, or if you'd like to do a story on us, get in touch. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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