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Women Of My Land

For my project on Resistance, I combined music with my perspective as a girl, growing up and living in the cultural and societal norms of Pakistan. I created an album of songs, titled 'Women of my Land' accompanied with illustrations. Each illustration represents a specific song and theme related to women and resistance. Thanks to Tollcrane for producing the tracks, Hum Tas for providing vocals.

BADMASH DULHAN - Women of my Land

There's so much to say and write about marriage in our culture and society, but I'd like to summarise it to one sentence, "Bus shaadi karlo" (Just get married). BUT WHY? What makes all the aunties and uncles think that marriage is the answer to all of life's questions? And worse that's its the ultimate goal or aim in a girl's life? Yes marriage might be important to some people but its not to everyone, so please stop choking us with your ideal life goals. This song + artwork is dedicated to all my girls in this country for standing up for their rights and beliefs.​

FAST GIRLS - Women of My Land

In my experience, its so easy for society to label a woman. You're good and "sharif" if you follow a particular set of rules and you're bad and "fast" if you decide to follow your own tune and not care about "loug kya kahengay" (what will people say?). This song + artwork is dedicated to the ball-breaker women in my life who have broken all the rules to get where they wanted to be, and are not afraid to be their true selves.

LONG LIVE THE QUEEN - Women of My Land

I hope one day, if I have a daughter, I can tell her that where I come from, we celebrate and revere women. Women who are bold and climb mountains, women who entertain and break stereotypes, women who make the impossible very possible. This song + artwork is dedicated to these women, who touched our lives in more ways than we can imagine, who fought our battles and now live with the stars above us. Long live Sabeen Mahmud and Qandeel Baloch! Long live the Queens!

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