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A Matter of Venn

While getting to know each other through our letters, we realised that despite being in different places, at different ages and points in our lives, we were thinking about the same things, and when those thoughts found their way to each other in our written exchanges, beautiful overlaps of discovery and realisation occurred.

We took this idea of overlaps in its literal visual sense, as Venn diagrams, and in a circle each expressed our understanding of time, space, memory, home, love and distance.

What we arrived at was an endless overlap of thoughts and feelings, ideas and images that unveils as an accordion-folded zine, a medley of our shared conversations."

For the final zine of the #kitnidoor series, @saniyaj6 and @sudeepti.tucker present "A Matter of Venn". Originating in an exchange of letters between the two artists, this zine speaks about time as it moves and stagnates, cities as they limit and embrace, and, through all of this, connection as it is denied, reclaimed, and sometimes, chanced upon.


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